Virtual Reality, this time…

I’m trying to understand how VR works and how is build, now it’s easier to have and to make, so maybe this time it will stay and become part of our daily lives. But, it’s hard to tell though.

What are the advantages? Less space needed, wow feeling. Why now? I remember my first VR experience, it was like 20 years ago. It’s wasn’t that good but still at the time was amazing. It was sleeping for decades and now it’s finally waking up, why? Innovation is not just the fact of doing something awesome just because you can. Is it?

Probably it’s because now technology is cheaper and almost everybody has a smartphone and that makes VR a lot more accessible. I know the experience is amazing, but we really have to find a proper use for that, make it useful for life. Technology can my incredibly tough and complicated, there is a lot of great minds and tons of work behind it, but then you have the purpose, and sometimes we can’t find it and regular users just enjoy the experience like pure entertainment, but it has to leave us something or help us to become a part of our lives. And finding those porpuses is probably as hard as developing the ideas that make technology move forward.

We’ll see what happens. I think is going to be interesting, that’s for sure, there’s a  whole new “reality” to explore and build.


We are always talking about consumerism. We are human and we consume, and consume a lot. I’m talking mainly about the most developed countries and even the not that developed ones. Huge cities. But everyone in its own possibilities, we all consume to live, so, consuming is part of our nature, part of the cycles of transformation, degradation… I’m not judging, I’m just trying to see the phenomenon in a very simple and basic way.

Then we have levels of consumerism, the amount of thing that we actually need -or not- and we use to satisfy our needs and desires. In one sense this maintains the economic cycles and growth. A company transforms and produces things, people work to buy those things and consume them. Simple and easy (I want to avoid the subject of wealth, accumulation, and capitalism). I have been trying to understand what was the precise thing that I felt was going bad. At the end, I realized it wasn’t that complex: it is the waste, the culture of wasting. Now I  think now that the problem is not consuming but wasting. We waste resources and we waste a lot, and we are not even conscious of it! We have learned to waste, our system lets us waste, waste is a luxury we are used to.

The ecological aspect is really important -but we all know why, I don’t need to explain that- but we can see it from the economical point of view, as a person or consumer and also as a business and government, waste or resources is always an environmental issue but we are throwing our money to the garbage every time we waste, the problem is that we don’t realise when we are wasting. I can think of a lot of small examples but I think they are obvious and a waste of time. And everyone has different ways of wasting and it’s everyone’s job to find their own, accept them and control them if the want.


Hi, this is my portfolio.

I have been a designer since a long time ago and I love it. I have work for many different clients and projects and often, I just design for joy, I love developing ideas, visual and conceptually.

Here you find a selection of my work including brands and logos, editorial, illustration, web and UX.

I hope you enjoy it.

Pablo Rozenberg