Brand Design
I like working closely with companies and organization to create abstract concepts that we can use to design as strong and clear identity that can apply to the whole business. Branding is not just the logo, but a complete, integrated and thoughtful system the organization use to communicate with they clients, users and stakeholders.
I love helping founders to find the brand that represents them and their organizations.

Web Design
The internet and the digital media has become one of the most effective and fast growing channel for business and organization. My roll as a designer is to understand the companies and their need to guide them in the use of this channels. Websites are a fundamental tool for business, but how it looks and what content should it show is what makes the difference.

User Experience and Usability
I help business understand their users -or costumers- so we can build a smooth experience throughout all the channels. A good brand keeps it consistent while the UX keeps users happy using the services or products.

Business and organization need to evolve, create and imagine the news solutions for the future and the future costumers. I use Design Thinking, User-Centred Design and other methology to help companies develop a mind set to indetify new solutions -and new problems- that will help adapt to new challenges.